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James T. Vaughn Nominated to Supreme Court of Delaware


Delaware Governor Jack Markell has nominated Superior Court judge James T. Vaughn to serve on the Delaware Supreme Court.

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Court of Chancery Finds Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Private Company Recapitalization Based on Inadequate Process, Despite Fair Price


Delaware’s Court of Chancery recently ruled that a control group of stockholders and their director designees breached their fiduciary duties in approving a recapitalization because the recapitalization was the result of an unfair process, even though it was accomplished at a fair price.

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Faster, Smarter Dispute Resolution with World-Renowned Business Judges: Mediation in Delaware’s Chancery Court


Litigation is seldom the best option for resolving complex commercial disputes. It is costly, and can be particularly difficult for those unaccustomed to the U.S. judicial process. The Delaware Court of Chancery offers a faster, smarter alternative: Mediation by one of its world-renowned judges.

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Sample Mediation Agreement


The following is a sample provision that can be included in a commercial contract to require the parties to submit disputes to the Court of Chancery for mediation. The sample provision addresses such matters as payment terms for mediation costs, the minimum time period for mediating the dispute and confidentiality issues.

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Karen Valihura Sworn in as Justice to the Delaware Supreme Court


Karen Valihura was sworn in by Chief Justice Leo Strine as Justice to the Delaware Supreme Court on July 25 at a swearing-in ceremony at the New Castle County Courthouse.

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