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Delaware Sets New Record for Business Formation


A record number of business entities were formed last year in Delaware, according to statistics from the state’s Division of Corporations.

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Delaware Courts Uphold the Merger Powers of Corporate Boards


Two recent decisions by Delaware courts have reaffirmed the power of corporate boards to shape a merger agreement, according to a recent Bloomberg Business article.

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Understanding Void and Forfeit Status for Delaware Corporations


Inadvertently going into void or forfeit status should not be cause for alarm. Delaware provides a straightforward process for reviving companies that fall out of good standing.

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Determining the Likely Standard of Review Applicable to Board Decisions in Delaware Merger and Acquisition Transactions


The standard of review applied by a Delaware judge in a challenged merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction will often have a significant effect on the outcome. In this post, we offer a chart that identifies fact patterns common to Delaware M&A transactions and provides a preliminary assessment of the likely standard of review applicable to transactions fitting such fact patterns.

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Jan Jurden Confirmed as Superior Court President Judge


The Delaware Senate has confirmed the nomination of Judge Jan Jurden as the new Superior Court President Judge. Delaware’s Superior Court is the state trial court of general jurisdiction and the state’s intermediate appellate court. The Superior Court’s Complex Commercial Litigation Division (CCLD) provides an alternative venue for complex commercial litigation for disputes where monetary damages are sought.

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