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Collins J. Seitz Nominated to Supreme Court of Delaware


Delaware Governor Jack Markell has nominated veteran corporate attorney Collins J. Seitz, Jr. to serve on the Delaware Supreme Court.

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Delaware: The Ideal Forum for Dispute Resolution


Delaware’s reputation as the preeminent authority on corporate law is the result of its well-established body of case law, enabling statutes, experienced jurists, and neutral and efficient court system. A new white paper developed by Delaware’s Division of Corporate and International Development details the benefits of selecting Delaware as a forum for resolving business disputes.

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Documenting the Deal: How Legal and Financial Advisors can Conduct an Effective M&A Process


There are steps that legal and financial advisors can take during an M&A process to promote better decision-making, reduce conflicts of interest and accurately record the process. Those steps are detailed in an article by Chief Justice Leo Strine of the Delaware Supreme Court.

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Delaware Sets New Record for Business Formation


A record number of business entities were formed last year in Delaware, according to statistics from the state’s Division of Corporations.

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Delaware Courts Uphold the Merger Powers of Corporate Boards


Two recent decisions by Delaware courts have reaffirmed the power of corporate boards to shape a merger agreement, according to a recent Bloomberg Business article.

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